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It began like a real-life, Cape Cod fairytale: Wash-ashore (Claire) meets local (Ellery) working at a restaurant one busy, hot summer.  They fall for each other, get married, revamp the local mom & pop (you may know us from Salty Market), have a baby, get a dog.  It was happily ever after, almost.  There was something missing.  Claire was afflicted with a deep, abiding love for bagels (she was, after all, born Jewish in Montreal).  And despite the many delicious delicacies on the outer cape, real boiled, baked and hand-rolled bagels were nowhere to be found.  It was becoming a problem.  

For her next birthday Ellery had the perfect idea: he made Claire bagels.  And they were good.  (Very good actually, and she is not prone to undue flattery.)  And he really liked making them.  It didn’t take long before they showed up at the shop and, as it turned out, Claire wasn’t the only bagel fanantic around.  

After three years in the Salty Kitchen the bagel-demand had outgrown the space.  So here we are, Bagel Hound, to give these bagels a home of their own.  And if you are wondering about the name… that would be in honor of Theo, the loveable and mischievous family basset hound, who has been known to go to great lengths to snag a bagel when he thinks no one is looking.  

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